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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Hypnotherapy Help With Any Problem?

Hypnosis is massively helpful in a vast range of situations. From addiction to anxiety Hypnosis can be life changing. If you'd like to know if Hypnosis can help you please use the contact page!

What does hypnosis feel like?

If you've ever driven a car on a long journey you'll often get to your destination without remembering how many cars you passed or how many turns you took. This is because most of the actions you take as a driver happen subconsciously. This is much like how Hypnosis works. It's a very relaxing and pleasant experience.

Will I Be Awake And Aware During Hypnosis?

Yes! Whilst you will enter an incredibly relaxed state you will always be aware of what you're doing and partaking in. We always ensure that should a client feel uncomfortable at any point that the client is simply able to sit up and discuss the issue.

Does Hypnosis Work On Everyone?

The short answer is yes! As long as you have an IQ over 50 and an understanding of the language your therapist is using then Hypnosis does indeed work on everyone. The key factor is YOU! You must have a desire to change.

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