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Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine has become an incredibly popular drug in Malta with its use reaching an all time high in 2021. What often starts out as a bit of fun at the weekends can turn into an addiction for many and that's why we offer anonymous hypnotherapy to those who wish to beat this addiction. 

'I didn't know where to turn when my Cocaine use became a problem. I was too embarrassed to see my Dr and felt ashamed to ask for help. That's when I saw a Facebook ad for the Hypnotherapy and gave it a try. It's the best decision I've ever made!'

'It all started as a bit of fun but I quickly found that each time I drank socially I suddenly had an urge to use. The Hypnotherapy worked wonders and I can finally enjoy a drink with friends without ridiculous urges controlling me'

'I was initially skeptical about Hypnosis and didn't really think it could help me beat an addiction I'd kept hidden away for so long but figured I had nothing to lose and it was anonymous. To my amazement after listening everyday for a week I'm clean and free for the first time in years'


If you're struggling with Cocaine addiction but don't know where to turn then you've come to the right place. 
We're not here to judge you and the fact you're on this page tells us you want to break this habit/addiction which is the perfect starting place to being free and back in control. 

How Hypnotherapy For Cocaine Addiction Works

First it's important to understand how addiction itself works. Cocaine interferes with the neurotransmitters in the brain causing the euphoric feelings associated with the drug. This causes the user to link Cocaine to the in built reward system we all have which releases dopamine and allows us to feel good naturally. Cocaine addiction is based on the reward system in the brain and it's simply a case of breaking the link between the substance and the subconscious feeling of reward. Another important factor is recognising the anchors and triggers within us that may lead to relapses, one of the most common often associated with Cocaine use is alcohol. Many report that as soon as they begin drinking socially they suddenly get an urge to use. 


Our Hypnotherapy works in a unique way that transforms the way your brain subconsciously views Cocaine, unlinks it from the 'Reward system' and also removes the anchors and triggers that have naturally linked themselves to it's use such as drinking or visiting a specific bar or club. 

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