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Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Anxiety is a massive issue worldwide with as many as 284 million people experiencing an anxiety disorder in 2017 so, rest assured that if you suffer from Anxiety, you’re not alone and we can help! 


Anxiety can be crippling and can often lead to a reduction in your quality of life often times affecting things like your ability to work or have a fulfilling social life. If you feel like anxiety is taking over then we highly recommend a visit to your GP alongside Hypnotherapy for anxiety as your GP can provide you with information and relevant medication alongside Hypnotherapy. 

'Anxiety had been affecting me for the last few years, it was affecting my ability to focus and caused a lot of problems. I decided to try the Hypnotherapy after seeing an ad. I wasn't sure if it would work at first but after just one week of listening I found I could control my anxiety levels much more effectively and was finally able to focus again' - J Micallef

Does Hypnotherapy Work For Anxiety? How Can Hypnotherapy Help With Anxiety?

Hypnotherapy is perfectly suited to helping you overcome your anxiety, what's more we've designed a unique technique know as Hypnotherapeutic iconography that treats anxiety in a unique and effective way. 

Hypnotherapeutic iconography works and treats anxiety in a unique way. The easiest way to explain how this technique works is to compare it to that of advertising. When we see an advertisement from a company for a product, the aim of that advert is to link a certain state of mind to that product so that when you enter a supermarket and see that product, you'll subtly recall the feeling that advertisement gave you and in turn purchase the product. We simply take that technique but apply it in a more positive way using hypnotherapy so that each time you see a specific image/icon it triggers a relaxed state and allows you to take control of your anxiety. That's not all though! Our hypnotherapy treatment program contains an array of steps that will give you the ability to overcome your anxiety.


'My anxiety had been affecting me so badly that it was affecting my relationship. I'd never visited a

therapist as I like to stay anonymous. I like that I could purchase this treatment anonomously and to my amazement it made a huge difference very quickly. I now feel far more in control than ever! Thank you!' - DC

The first step in our program is to teach you how to better manage your thoughts and allow you more effective control over your concerns which trigger the anxiety. We teach unique techniques that are fundamental in being able to take control.


We then offer cognitive behavioural therapy. This therapy allows you to reflect on what causes or triggers your anxiety and allows you to create a clear path of success so that you are able to clearly see how you as an individual can overcome your anxiety. 


After this we provide you with a deep hypnotherapy recording that’s designed to do a number of things-


The first is to teach you a relaxation strategy, the second is to adjust the way you perceive stress and issues that cause anxiety and the final step is to anchor specific imagery to your relaxed state. We’ve worked closely with a psychological graphic designer and used research carried out by Dartmouth college and research papers from the proceedings of the Royal society B (Biological studies) to design an image that once anchored during Hypnosis, triggers a relaxed state allowing you to take control by simply seeing the image and performing a very basic relaxation technique. We offer a multitude of items that use the anti anxiety image and compliment the Hypnotherapy for anxiety program. 



Our unique approach allows us to tackle the triggers that set off your anxiety, it makes you aware of the triggers, adjusts the way the mind deals with those triggers and allows you to manage Anxiety effectively. As part of the Hypnotherapy for Anxiety we also teach you mechanisms to destress, relax and take control. 

What Is Anxiety?

Anxiety is something of a throwback to ancient times when feeling anxious could ultimately save our lives whilst hunting and gathering, these days however it’s often sent into overdrive due to modern day stresses, problems, losses and so on. In most cases anxiety doesn’t serve any real purpose other than making us feel uncomfortable, stressed and in worse cases causes panic attacks. Anxiety also tends to be triggered by potential future events or things that may not even happen so learning how to control your anxiety and be present in the here and now is key but, in the midst of anxiety that can sound a lot harder than it actually is. 

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