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Hypnotherapy for weight loss

So, you want to know how to kickstart weight loss? Hypnotherapy is a great way to both start, compliment and boost your weight loss journey!


Unfortunately Malta has one of the highest rates of adult and childhood obesity worldwide. 

Over 25% of those over 15 years of age are considered obese and 64.3% of the adult population are considered overweight. 


Carrying extra weight not only reduces confidence but also has a negative impact on our long term health.


Many people try to lose weight but fail without understanding why. 


This is often down to the relationship the individual has built with food and diet. When you change that relationship and outlook on a subconscious level then losing weight and staying healthy becomes not only very easy but, it also becomes second nature and something to enjoy, what’s more with each small success your motivation grows!

How Does Hypnotherapy For Weight loss Work?

Hypnotherapy for weight loss works by adjusting your relationship with food and the way in which you both view food subconsciously and how you eat. This doesn’t mean you’ll be living on lettuce!! 


We  adjust the connections that your mind has built with food over time, for example if somebody eats when they’re stressed or as a reward, then it’s likely that link is the reason behind their extra weight. With Hypnotherapy for weight loss we take that subconscious link and adjust it so that the way you view food becomes something constructive and beneficial.  


We actually encourage you to enjoy your food even more through Hypnotherapy, savouring the foods you enjoy and adjusting the way you eat them to maximise weight loss success! One of the things that’s also key to long term weight loss is ensuring you eat a healthy balanced diet as short term ‘fad’ diets will more often than not end in failure long term. What’s more, we also perform cognitive behavioural therapy at the start of our program which allows you to build a clear path for reaching your goal.


Hypnotherapy can be the turning point in your weight loss journey! Focusing on the mental aspect of weight loss is something many overlook and yet it often plays the biggest role in ensuring you reach your goal.


Kickstart your weight loss journey today using our Hypnotherapy for weight loss program or book a 1-2-1 session today

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